Comcast Hell, Epilogue

A week ago Comcast returned to bury the “buried” cable line. This escapade began on July 24 when I was eagerly signed up for internet service.

After much discussion and consultation, the “super-supervisors” agreed that buying the cable would be very difficult and that the line would be strung using our current power lines. Parts of the stringing would be difficult, but I agreed to clear a lot of tree branches from around the lines. This was something I should have done a while ago. The aerial crew was to show up the following day.

The crew showed and immediately said it would be impossible to string the wire. They wanted another crew to show up and bury the wire. I simply said they needed to work this out with their “super-supervisor.” After much gnashing of teeth and delay, they set to work. The crew did a great job and everything works!

Like everyone with cable internet, there are isolated, short, spotty slow-downs with service. But, I can finally work efficiently from home. It has been nice to have bandwidth that rivals the lower half of internet speed in the world.

The lesson that I have learned in dealing with a large corporation with lots of subcontractors is that social media is valuable. My complaining on Twitter was picked up. It put me ahead of the queue for people who have relied on the usual phone-tree approach. Why social media should be so powerful in getting a response is puzzling. My sense is that consumer dissatisfaction is far more widespread than what appears on social media. Fixing the problem by having employees cruise social media is like sticking a finger in a leaking dike.

The good news is that I now have service. I can finally vent about lousy service when it happens. So far I have nothing to complain about.


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